30 min – 40€
60 min – 75€
90 min – 110€

I can travel south to Biarritz and north to Moliet, 20€ will be added to your bill.

The massages

Relaxing / Holistic

Massage that mixes Swedish massage and Hands’ free massage.

It combines these techniques to bring you a deep sense of relaxation, both physical and mental.

The pressure is moderate, it harmonizes the body and restores nervous balance.

It is a massage that works the whole body

but I will focus on the areas that need it most.

Sportive / Deep Tissue

Targeting active people but not only, this Technical Massage is strong and powerful.

It focuses on the in-depth work of the muscle groups that need it most. It is a custom massage that aims to untie the tensions installed

Its stimulating, draining and relaxing action oxygens the tissues, eliminates toxins and makes it one of my clients' favorite massages.


Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a therapy that can help a wide range of conditions naturaly and safely. The stimulation of the different reflex areas of the feet (and hands) re-balance organs' functions and boost the body's natural healing process. It could help conditions such as digestive, hormonal, head aches, stress, sleep problems.....

Relaxing face massage moves, followed by specific work on reflex points rebalances the body, relaxes the mind and boosts radiance.

Ideal during pregnancy, it allows you to approach childbirth calmly.

Lifting visage massage

Massage of the face and the neck, it combines facial reflexology and lifting techniques. It is a precise work of remodeling, it boots lymphatic flow and blood microcirculation and stimulates the production of collagen. Results: the oval of the face is toned, expression wrinkles are reduced, skin plumped, features are visibly relaxed.

Beyond the visible benefits, it is a real session of letting go.

(the treatment is made with organic vegetable oil adapted to your skin type, it also consists of a work with gua sha, quartz balls, roll on and stylus)

How it works ?


I am implementing all barrier measures to ensure our mutual protection. I wear my mask at all times from arrival to departure from your home. I wash my hands before the treatment. You keep your mask for the duration of the massage. The table and equipment are disinfected between each session.


I will bring my own audio system to offer you a relaxing playlist throughout the treatment, but do not hesitate to prepare your own speaker with your favorite playlist.


I'll show up with my massage table. The ideal is to provide a space of 2×2 meters. It is not possible to massage on a bed.


I will bring the necessary towels for your care. Towels are changed between each session. You can choose to use your own towels.

Note :pendant la période COVID merci de préparer vos propres serviettes ou foutas


Please contact me before the treatment to inform me of any known allergies and intolerances to the treatment product. Most massages are performed with organic massage oil.


We recommend that you take a shower to relax a few minutes before your appointment before dressing in light clothing for your treatment.


Legal notice 

Legal notice 

Opening time

7 days / 7

7:00 am to 10:00 pm

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